What are our values?


Our values evolved from our vision.

  • Integrity. We expect our members to model ethical behavior, accept accountability for our actions and be scrupulously honest in all our dealings.

  • Collaboration. We believe in identifying a common purpose and mounting a common effort to reach our goal.

  • Generosity. We see unstinting support of others’ efforts as a hallmark of our organization.

  • Vision. We don’t sit on our laurels. We’re a progressive group dedicated to acting on causes we believe we can advance.

  • Leadership. We recognize that leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. We emphasize personal success so that our organizations succeed as well.

  • Inclusiveness. We’re genuinely open and amiable.

  • Enjoyment: We believe getting together for fun activities strengthens relationships.

  • Support. We believe in doing all we can to help someone else be all she can be.

  • Diversity. We recognize the strength of an organization that includes women from many backgrounds.

How will we reach our goals?


We’ve developed three ongoing strategies.

  1. We’re committed to developing monthly programs that meet our members’ varied interests. These programs are intended to encourage members to interact and help us learn what issues we’d like to address in future programs.

  2. We seek opportunities to promote individual growth through partnerships with complementary organizations.

  3. Our leadership development programs promote personal growth, enhance professional potential and strengthen leadership abilities.



Gewn - Georgia Executive Women's Network


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