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Join the women’s professional organization that cares about women as leaders.
As executives. As entrepreneurs. As people we’d want as friends.


The Mission of GEWN


The Georgia Executive Women’s Network is an organization of executive-level women that promotes the professional and personal growth of its members and promotes the development, leadership and accomplishments of all women.


Membership Criteria


Membership in GEWN is open to executive-level women who uphold the GEWN values: collaboration, diversity, forward-thinking, fun, generosity, integrity, leadership, mutual support and a welcoming culture.


If a member is not sure that a candidate she is sponsoring is qualified for membership, she can ask for a preliminary evaluation from the Membership Recruitment Chair.


Membership Approval Process

  • Candidates must be sponsored by a GEWN member, who evaluates the candidate's qualifications for membership, educates her about GEWN, and is available to help with the application. Prospective members can meet potential sponsors at GEWN meetings and events. Contact the Membership Recruitment Chair if a sponsor is needed.
  • A completed application, along with a check or credit card information for the initiation fee and first year's dues, are mailed to the GEWN Membership Processing Chair who reviews the application and confirms the information with the sponsor. Please mail the application and payment information to: GEWN,1188 Dorby Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319

    First-time Initiation Fee:


    Annual Dues:


    Total Due for new membership:


  • The Membership Committee then reviews the application. The sponsor will let the candidate know whether she is approved for membership, if additional information is needed or if membership is declined.

You are always welcome to attend our events. That’s the best way to find out in person who we are and what we’re doing. Come meet us. We want to meet you.


Renew Your Annual Membership Dues


Renewal notices are mailed each year. If paying by check, make your check payable to GEWN and mail to GEWN, 1188 Dorby Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319. Please update your contact information on the renewal form, if necessary. Or, you can email changes as they occur to the GEWN Administrator.


You can use a credit card to renew your membership. Click here to renew GEWN membership online.


For questions on payment, please contact GEWN Treasurer.





Gewn - Georgia Executive Women's Network


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